Friday, September 22, 2017
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Mouse: Basic Terms to be known



We all have been using mouse, computer one not a rat. Basically in older days, we used to have a ball beneath it which helps tracking the motion of the mouse. But nowadays everything has advanced and we started using a different technology, which is more accurate and easy to use too. Optical Mice have a light(usually red in color) and a camera which clicks thousands of photos per second and send to computer,then computer analyses them and the cursor on screen starts moving. Laser Mice also have the same working just they use infrared light, instead on a red LED.

Mobdro: Perfect App for Movies,Shows and Streaming


Everyone wants to watch their favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports etc and mobile has becoming the most used device in the current world. So rather than turning ‘ON’ other gadgets to watch these.

Software Developers have made your task easier. Not easier but a hell lot easier. Everything is just a click away. Wanna watch movie, enter the name and you are done. Watch live stream by just entering the channel name.

ADM: The Best Android Downloader

Play Store Screenshot

ADM is abrevative of Advance Download Manager and is a creation of DimonVideo. As the name says Advance, it is the far most advance download manager yet.

The 3 MB apk of ADM has a lot of features and continue reading to knowing about them.

How to Get Rid of Spam Emails in One Shot


Every inbox is full of those crap promotional/spam messages and we all are used to ignoring them but still it’s always there and those pop up notifications, irritates a lot. But as every problem has a solution so this has too and we will not be turning off notification to avoid them but a permanent solution.

Every Mail sender has enrolled your email into their subscribers list so they provide an option itself to unroll from the mails. And its not a single company sending you mails, but many.  And subscribing each is a boring work.

Bitcoin-the decentralized digital currency[INDIA]


The ‘demon’ in India that wrote a history favoring the common and making the rich cry, introduced several digital methods of payments. Sudden demonetisation announced by the Modi government to stop the stream of illegal and black money was all appreciated by the