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ADM is abrevative of Advance Download Manager and is a creation of DimonVideo. As the name says Advance, it is the far most advance download manager yet.

The 3 MB apk of ADM has a lot of features and continue reading to knowing about them.

1)Faster Downloading: Most of us want faster downloading so we try different browsers, managers etc. ADM has multithreading upto 9 parts which means it will split the files into parts and download them. After downloading all the files it will merge them. Multithreading helps downloading files faster and easily.

2)Planning: This was my favourite feature of ADM, as Jio was providing unlimited data from 2AM to 5AM so no need to stay awake to download. TURN ON Planning and it will download files automatically in queue. Planning starts and stops the download at the time you wish.

3)Browser: ADM has a inbuild browser app. So is it useful? Suppose you have a Google Drive link of a file, just paste the file in ADM and use browser option. Now you can press the download button easily without going all the way to browsers. More features like: Downloading MP3 from popular archives, Interception of MP4 for tubes, etc.

4) Interception with browsers and clipboard: This means that whenever you copy a link or press download button on any website it will redirect to ADM directly. No more hassels now.

5)Resumable Files: Tensed about download getting failed if you pause it, with ADM most of the downloads are resumable.
Tip: Try pausing the download after few seconds of start to confirm its resumability, might be helpful in the furthur run.

6)Speed Limit: Getting low internet speeds due to download going on and have some important work. Just reduce the download speed and you are good to go. Don’t forgot to increase the speed back when works done Haha.

7)Simple UI: Light and a easy to browser UI. Finding things seems a bit confusing in start but it becomes a lot easy in few days

These were the top features I love about ADM.

Its obvious that such a awesome app will have ads. So if you wanna support developer and have a ad free experience. Grab your ADM Pro now.



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  1. Yup … i was in search of this app only …. downloading shuru hone wali hae .. thanks alot ….
    Keep posting:)


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