Battery: How to charge it properly?


After learning about Manual Camera Mode let’s move on to the most concerned thing of everyone’s life : Battery

battery life degrading

As the development in Science and Technology is improving day by day, batteries are lasting longer and the charging time is reducing but still as the time passes by the efficiency of battery decrease a lot. So I’m up with this tutorial to help you charge your battery properly.

Earlier smart phones have different type of batteries so full charge and then discharge was recommended but for now it’s the worst case for battery.

First let’s clear some myth up
1)There is no harm is charging battery overnight. Every smart phone has an auto cut mechanism nowadays so it won’t burst the battery. So chill mate.

2) Always use official charger: Smartphones are smart enough to take the max amount of power they want if you give more than that they won’t accept it. So third party charges can be used, no harm in doing so.

Every battery has a life which is a lot cycles which you won’t be able to complete in your whole life. But as we keep using the phone the time per percent drop decreases, this drop can be reduced if you charge your battery properly and what I mean by charging properly is hidden in the next paragraph so continue reading.

Experts says keeping the battery percentage between 50-80% is very good for battery and it will increase it life a lot. Never charge your battery fully or discharge it completely . For some people keeping battery life in range 50-80 isn’t that easy so make sure you don’t allow battery to fall below 15%. It affects the heath adversely.

Regular TOP UPS are always better than keeping on charge for long time like you have 10-15 mins free put the phone on charge, it is good for battery. If we link this with humans its same as eating food once in a day is better or 3-4 times a day so you know the answer to this (I guess :p).

Its recommended to calibrate battery once in 2-3 months and to calibrate battery first charge it fully and then take it all the way down to 0%. Simple and helpful but don’t do it regularly once in 2-3 months is good for health.

Never use task killer apps to improve battery life and performance. They damage the phones performance and consumes battery themselves. And killing apps from background also doesn’t helps in  improving battery life so chill you own a smart phone not a dump phone. It knows what is good and what’s bad.

Today we are having Li-Polymer batteries but the future is really bright for batteries and us too(h0pe so). Graphene batteries will be soon put to use so get ready to experience batteries that a lot bigger in capacity than these.

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  1. I am one who always use to take my phone charging level upto 15% some time below 15% ..
    Now i am aware about the dis-advantage of it …
    Thanks alot for such a great information …
    Keep posting 🙂


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