Custom ROMs ? What are they and how to install them?


If you are a android user you must have heard custom roms, rooting etc etc. If not then you have heard them now.
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So what does these heavy terms means and what is the advantage behind installing custom roms?

So let’s get started

In simple language we can say that custom ROMs are different types of Operating System (OS) available for the phone similar as on a computer (Windows, Linux, Mac).
So like on computer we select OS for getting different features, improving performance, stability etc and the same case if for Android

So now you have got a basic idea about custom roms.

But now the new question arises on how to install them?

So it does not involve nuclear science in installing custom roms but before we proceed to how to install custom rom lets talk about Rooting and Recovery first.

Rooting: Rooting means to grab the roots of Android which are not available for normal usage and make Android do some super cool tasks.
Let’s take simple example: You have both mobile data and Wifi but both are running slow so you wanna merge them to get higher download speed and this can be done only when your phone is rooted as Android is designed in such a way to avoid mobile data running when Wifi is ON.


Android Default Recovery Menu

It is a place in Android from where you can format the complete mobile, delete some files, and some other stuffs which aren’t useful :p

So the way to installation of custom ROMs go through recovery only but the inbuild recovery doesn’t allow that so we need to install a new recovery first which is called custom recovery and then we can install custom ROMs with easy.

So head over to Google search for how to install custom rom for your device ?
And then install them

NOTE: Rooting or Installing Custom ROMs will void warranty of your device.

It will be a amazing experience
Hope you like it
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