Facebook Autolikers: Does they really work and are they safe.


You must have seen many pages or ad pop-ups on FB regarding autolikes and some says they work and some Naah!Stupid stuff :p

First let’s see what does this Autolikers do(Ya some of them really works but most are scam) ?

Whenever you given authentication to any autoliker it will ask for a token from your fb profile and you need to provide that in order to get those likes. If you have given the token it what it will do it that it will save that into their system and they have access to your account. So similarly they have got tons of other accounts to. So they login using those account and like you photo or status or whatever. Everything here is done by computer. Person will die if he does these things manually. You are the only person helping them earn bucks(through those shitty ads)

How safe is using those autolikers?

Acc to Facebook Policy, its against the rules and if it gets in their notice get ready for suspension of your account. But they don’t ban it that easily. So chill out.
Now the bigger issue is that all the autolikers have your FB Access token. So that’s why only use trusted autolikers. Still risk factor is always there.

Now the most awaited thing is coming: Working Autolikers

The best and still working autoliker. Easy to use and no spam. Less ads. Just make sure you have facebook followers enabled else it will redirect you to 404 Error. Happy liking!

1) Hublaa.me
Using this website you can get 290+ likes instantly on your status or photo. You can re submit it after 15mins.

Using this website you can get 250+ likes. And resubmit after 15mins.

This one is also cool and give 300 likes :p
It also have a android app which is awesome. So you can use the app also for likes.

4) fb-autolikers.com
One of the most trusted autoliker and it gives 250+ lines instantly and again a nice android app.


Keep these in mind:
1)Never use autoliker from your genuine profile (Be safe)
2)They have your access token so they can do changes to your profile
3)Facebook might suspend you if they catch you using autoliker(So use them less like once in a day or 2)

So go and grab likes on you picture if you are not much concerned about your privacy.
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Stay Tuned!

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