Finding Lost Smartphone


I was going through news feed on Facebook and I have seen many people asking about how to find my lost android phone?
So this gave the birth of this tutorial

Let’s get started

I’m taking Android phones in consideration here as most of the public uses Androids
As Android is powered by Google, so every phone has a google account signed-in in the phone and Google have taken care of everything very well.

First step is head up to Android Device Manger
Login using the same Google account that you have logged in the phone.

Now if phone is connected to Internet and Location is turned ‘On’.
Wolla! You will get the location of the phone and have plenty of other options too

1. Ringing the phone.
2. Lock the Phone and display a message on lock screen.
3. Erase the complete data on the phone (After this you won’t be able to locate the phone).

If the phone is connected to Internet but Location is ‘Off’
Then sadly you won’t be able to locate the device but all the other three features will work.

If the phone isn’t connected to Internet
Then sadly you have to keep all hopes pinned on Police.

Hope you find your lost phone.


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