Genuine Windows for Cheap


Many people don’t  wanna buy laptops with DOS and thinking to buy with Windows cost about 6-7k more.

So we have a way in which spending few hundreds will get you that costly Windows 10

So let’s get started

Microsoft provides Windows keys at cheap price to the developers so we can buy keys from them.
These keys will be MSDN keys (MSDN-Microsoft Developer Network)
But don’t worry you won’t find any difference in using them.

So, now the next question arises
Where to find the Developers?

But we have got a solution to this also 🙂
You can buy those keys from
This store is completely trusted so don’t take any tension

Windows 10 Professional: ₹749

Windows 10 Home: ₹Unknown

Windows Education Edition: ₹549

Personal Advice: Go with Education Edition as it has all the features of Enterprise Edition except Cortana
Enterprise has more features than Pro

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  1. Your article is very nice & really very helpful for those who don’t have much knowledge in technology .
    I hope you will add more articles regarding to technologies .
    All the best


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