How to Recover Deleted Files


Deleting a file is easy but then we recall the importance of it and now we panic how to get that file back? So continue reading the tutorial to get all the answers.

Deleting a file doesn’t actually delete the file, it just hides the file until we overwrite it.
So the best piece of advice would be stop writing anything on the drive if you wanna recover your files.

Delete button picRecovering Deleted Files:

There are many Free Recovery Software out there on our lovely Internet. <3

This method will work

with sd cards, pen drives and portable hard disk too. So chill on and read.

So How to Get Started?

1) This may sound childish but check Recycle Bin as might you haven’t deleted them permenantly. So hopes are there.

2)Now download any of the free softwares(my preference being: Recuva) DiskDigger, Puran File Recovery etc.

3) Install that software and you are ready to go. Just start the process and now wait. It will list all the deleted files. Now recover all the files you want.

Tip: Don’t restore those files in the directory in which they were before otherwise it will mess up the files.

Recovering Corrupted Files:

Files often gets corrupted due to some issue like power supply gone during writing so now windows isn’t able to understand those files so it deleted the(hides them more proper word unless you overwrite something). So we can give it also a try maybe we will be able to see our files back. But mostly these softwares gives a limited features in free run and we need to pay for premium features.

One of such software is RecoverMyFiles it allows you to check for files which can be recovered and you need to pay a amount to get it recovered.

But we have got you covered here, you can use TestDisk its a free, open source software which can help you get your files back

Recovering Data from Corrupted Hard Disk:

Recovering files from damaged hard disk isn’t easy as PC won’t boot up, not in safe mode too. Some suggests that keeping hard disk in freezer makes it work again(but it will work against a certain type of defect only). So best advice in this case contacting a recovery company. It will help you get most of your data.

Hope you Recover Your Precious Files.

Stay Tuned!

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