Inspect Element:Your desired changes easily


A powerful tool for both fun and knowledge : Inspect Element

So before getting on how to use and what it is for?

Let’s see how to access that inspector?

Screenshot of option by right clicking

Just right click anywhere on this page and you will see that powerful option named Inspect Element.

Inspect Element window
As you clicked that a larger rectangular bar appeared on screen and with a tons of words written.

If you familiar with HTML you will be able to understand that.
It has all the content in html, CSS, Java Script, etc.

Every redirecting link, image, font colour, heading font, font size or anything else you wanna find just look that mysterious code.

In short you have the complete website there.

So let’s play with this code.

Head up to
And on the name right click and select Inspect Element.Inspect Element Window of TheWireJunction

Edited Webpage

Now edit it as you want and TheWireJunction is yours.

Why Should I use Inspect Element?

If you have never peeked in the website code you must be wondering what is the use of inspect element.

But it has a lot uses in commercial field like

Developer: Want to try out something new or wanna create changes in sites. Inspect element helps doing that easily. Even if you wondering to create mobile version of website Inspect Elements helps a lot.

Writer: For writers inspect element helps to look the text size, font, delete text or blur emails etc.

Marketer: To spy on other’s website, what they are using in the template or header or any other info. Inspect Element will help you doing so.

Programmer: Inspect Element is used a lot in programming programs such as crawlers,etc. Even if you want to put something on program you can pull out the link using inspect element.



To prank friends: Its a great tool to prank friends

Note: To use Inspect Element on mobile you need to download apps like Edit My Webpage etc.

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