It is Wednesday, my dudes


It is wednesday my dudes

is a funny meme containing image of a frog paired with the text “It is Wednesday, my dudes”. This meme gained popularity due to the funny looks of the frog.This meme got originated in Dec 2010 on a Tumblr blog.

The search #itiswednesdaymydudes got a lot famous in 2015 and even a Facebook page was created in order to post the memes and it has more than 50k likes. On January 14th, JimmyHere created a vine containing the phrase it on wednesday my dudes and mimicking the frog’s scream. Jimmy continued creating vines on it is wednesday my dudes by changing costumes, situations and different voices. Vine was having more than 150 search results for the phrase “It is Wednesday my dudes”.

The meme focuses on the antidote of people considering wednesday as the worst day of the week. The main reason for the trend was the vines of JimmyHere which has got tremendous amount of views.

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