Laptop hardware basic and selection


Many people are confused on which laptop should I select which will fulfill all my requirements and fit into my budget.

So congratulations you have found the right tutorial

So let’s get started

There are many important things to look upon while buying a laptop, so in this tutorial we will look upon all of them and will learn about them in short.



The most important part of your laptop, so you need to select it appropriately as to satisfy your requirements. I will be talking about Intel Processor here because I personally don’t like AMD :p ( Btw the new Ryzen lineup by AMD is awesome)

So i7>i5>i3 this is basics
Now all processor have cores so more the cores better the performance i3 is always dual core and i5 is both dual and quad

core and same for i7 .
So now comes generation the higher the generation better the performance and better the efficiency
For compairing two particular processors like i3 6th gen vs i5 5th gen Google it and check the benchmarks.

RAM: Random Access Memory

In simple terms more than RAM better the performance but as the general saying goes quality better than quantity so same applies here. RAM has qualities like DDR2(outdated),DDR3 and DDR4
So focus on quality as you can add more quantity when you want but you can’t change the quality


Graphic Card: A important part of the laptop as it is responsible for the graphics.
Note: It is wrong to say that more the graphic memory more the better graphics….2GB is not always better than 1GB
So to compare two graphic cards performance Google it because we can’t say anything by model numare food
Nvidia lineup is always better than AMD
For rough comparision the higher the model number better the graphic card
Nvidia GT-940 < Nvidia GT-1050.
Make a note that Graphic Card also comes in different quality same as RAM but here we call them GDDR(Graphic DDR)

Build Quality:  In low range budget every brand provides almost same build quality and in higher range every brand is good.
So this is the basics you should now before buying laptop.

Now, its upto you what you are gonna do on laptop
For Gamers Look for a better GPU
For normal usage Better processor

I’m providing my fav picks in low budget range.

In around 25k: Asus X540LA-XX538D

In 30k Budget: Acer E5-575G i3 variant

In 40k:
For Gamers: Acer Travelmate P2
For Normal use: Asus R558UQ

Under 50k: Acer F3-575G

Hope you liked it, any doubts comment below I will try to help you out.


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