Manual Camera Mode: All you need to know about


With the great enhancement in camera sensor and software technologies, camera’s nowadays come with a high capability to capture superb pics and manual mode helps you master those clicks well.

Your phone  may have manual mode or may not be but don’t worry that’s stock camera. There are many third party camera apps that will help you discover the manual mode.

So let’s get started


ISO stands for International Standards Organization and, in photography it is the measure of your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. The lower the number the the lesser sensitive is the image and vice-versa for higher. In a dark environment higher ISO is recommended so as to click a brighter pic.

Different ISO Shots

ISO is also known as the time to capture the required amount of light. That means a lower ISO will take more time between opening of shutter and closing it and a higher ISO takes less time. So for example if you wanna click a running person then higher ISO is appropriate and for stationary objects a lower ISO is good. Lower ISO will provide better quality for stationary objects but less light would be there so adjust ISO according to the desired light. A perfect balance creates the best pics.


Aperture pic from Wikipedia

Aperture is the size of the lens opening through which light enters the camera. If the size of lens is larger then the aperture is smaller and if size is smaller then aperture is larger. Aperture is donated as f-number. So f/2.2 is having smaller lens opening than f/1.8 . Aperture helps in either blurring the background or bringing everything in focus.

Left one is shot on lower aperture and right one on higher aperture

So a larger f-number will bring everything in focus(0bject and background) while a smaller number will focus on object making the background blurry. Smartphones are having fixed lens so aperture can’t be adjusted in it but with the advancement of technology, we have got help from software side to create similar effect with the emerging dual camera setup.

3) Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed the speed of shutter means the time for which the camera lens was exposed to light. Shutter speed is also referred to as exposure time. The greater the shutter speed the more will be light entering the lens and the more brighter the picture will be and vice-versa. A lower ISO with high shutter speed will capture light same as higher ISO. Adjusting shutter speed helps create brilliant effects in the photos like light trails, blur effects, etc.

Pay a bit more attention to this point as I always get confused here. A lower time is a fast shutter speed and higher time is slow shutter speed as the more the time is the more the shutter is exposed to light. For example 1/30s is a fast shutter and 10 sec is a slow shutter

These three are the pillars of photography. Practice will different settings and hope you gonna emerge as a great photographer soon. Do share your own photography tips and tricks and comment if you have any doubt.

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  1. That’s awsome ….. thanks for sharing such information wid us … now a days every one used to buy camera ‘s but they lack knowkedge ..that how to “click” best picture out of it …. but after reading this, i am sure people will click out the best wid which ever camera they posses …..keep continue posting such articles.


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