Mobdro: Perfect App for Movies,Shows and Streaming


Everyone wants to watch their favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports etc and mobile has becoming the most used device in the current world. So rather than turning ‘ON’ other gadgets to watch these.

Software Developers have made your task easier. Not easier but a hell lot easier. Everything is just a click away. Wanna watch movie, enter the name and you are done. Watch live stream by just entering the channel name.

MOBDRO: This is that powerful app which will allow you to watch movies, tv shows and live streams on you mobile. And all this is packed in just a 25 MB apk.

Mobdro is one of the most downloaded apps and downloads are increasing at a rapid speed daily. The reason behind this is it is free. Ya you heard it right, its free.

It has a very simple and easy to use interface, so you won’t find any difficulties in using it 🙂


  1. Movies and Shows are updated daily
  2. Mobdro supports chromecast.
  3. Besides streaming, they have given option to download also.
  4. Easy Interface
  5. Subtitle friendly
  6. Share: Recommend videos and let your friends know what you’re watching with just one click.
  7. Bookmarks: Organize your streams and filter them by language or topic with your player history always at hand.

Mobdro gives the  best experience and you would never regret your 25Mb.

Downloading Mobdro:

As Mobdro is providing free service, which is to supplied paid. So you won’t be able to find Mobdro on Playstore. There are many fake apps on Playstore. So, beware they might contain malwares.

Before we begin downloading Mobdro, we need to Enable Installation from Unknown Source.

For Enabling this Go to Settings>Security
Turn ‘ON’ Unknown Sources

Now download app from here
And you are ready to have TV experience on your mobile.

To maintain this app they has monetized the app means you will be seeing ads in the app. But if you want you can pay the devs a small fee and get a ad-free version of Mobdro.


  1. On which all platforms Mobdro is available?
    Currently Mobdro is limited to Android only. But it may extend it hands to iOS. Hope for the best.

2. Is Mobdro free?
Yes, but Mobdro has two versions: Freemium and Premium. Freemium is completely           free, the Premium version has extras features, like capturing streams and ChromeCast       support, and is free of ads.

3. How can I purchase Mobdro?
Once you have downloaded the Freemium version, you have the option to subscribe to       the Premium version from inside the app by tapping on the Mobdro logo in the upper left     corner and selecting “Go Premium”.

4. What do you do with my personal data?
Mobdro respects your privacy and does not have any access to your contacts or other         personal information on your device. We want you to enjoy your videos and are not           interested in your personal life.

For more detailed FAQs, Visit FAQs

Hope you liked the article
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  1. Yep it is amazing article about mobdro a days almost all the peoples are intrested in watching movies videos and almost every one used to prefer cell phones instead of tv or any thing else …. so mabdro is the best app to be click on so frens lets download it ….. thnks for posting such a cool article

    Keep posting 🙂


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