Friday, August 18, 2017
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Bitcoin-the decentralized digital currency[INDIA]


The ‘demon’ in India that wrote a history favoring the common and making the rich cry, introduced several digital methods of payments. Sudden demonetisation announced by the Modi government to stop the stream of illegal and black money was all appreciated by the

Torrent: How Torrents Works and How to Use Them?


Torrent networking is a modern form of sharing a file using modern P2P(peer to peer) connection. Torrents have become primary use of trading software,music, movies, etc. And the advancement is leading towards piracy. Torrents are really a great development but the usage is not going in a good way

Battery: How to charge it properly?


After learning about Manual Camera Mode let’s move on to the most concerned thing of everyone’s life : Battery

battery life degrading

As the development in Science and Technology is improving day by day, batteries are lasting longer and the charging time is reducing but still as the time passes by the efficiency of battery decrease a lot. So I’m up with this tutorial to help you charge your battery properly.

Manual Camera Mode: All you need to know about


With the great enhancement in camera sensor and software technologies, camera’s nowadays come with a high capability to capture superb pics and manual mode helps you master those clicks well.

Your phone  may have manual mode or may not be but don’t worry that’s stock camera. There are many third party camera apps that will help you discover the manual mode.

So let’s get started

Top Smartphone Tips and tricks


So after getting likes on your facebook profile, Facebook Autolikers: Does they really work and are they safe now we are moving to our next post.

Smart phone are boon to the whole world if used properly. Today i will be sharing top smart phone tricks and tips you should know.

So let’s get started:

1)Measuring distance with Camera:

Ya you read it right. Smartphones can measure the distance b/w smart phone and that object. Phones uses