Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Laptop hardware basic and selection


Many people are confused on which laptop should I select which will fulfill all my requirements and fit into my budget.

So congratulations you have found the right tutorial

So let’s get started

There are many important things to look upon while buying a laptop, so in this tutorial we will look upon all of them and will learn about them in short.

Genuine Windows for Cheap


Many people don’t  wanna buy laptops with DOS and thinking to buy with Windows cost about 6-7k more.

So we have a way in which spending few hundreds will get you that costly Windows 10

So let’s get started

How to burn-in Headphones?


Many audiophiles believe that burning newly bought headphones/earphones sound better than before after burning them.
So if you love to have that awesome sounds from your headphones/earphones and you are at the right place, let’s head on and start the burning tutorial…