Top Smartphone Tips and tricks


So after getting likes on your facebook profile, Facebook Autolikers: Does they really work and are they safe now we are moving to our next post.

Smart phone are boon to the whole world if used properly. Today i will be sharing top smart phone tricks and tips you should know.

So let’s get started:

1)Measuring distance with Camera:

Ya you read it right. Smartphones can measure the distance b/w smart phone and that object. Phones uses

trigonometry to calculate the distance. So freaking cool. It ain’t be accurate but still worth it. For this need to point the camera right towards the object and then input the height it is at. Now smartphone will tell you the distance.

2)Smartphone as a magnifying glass:

Put a drop of water on the camera lens. Don’t worry its not gonna kill your camera. And you are ready to click magnified pics.

3)Mining Bitcoins:

Ya you read it right, you can mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies using smarphone. You won’t become a millionaier over night but will earn few cents. Even with a powerful phone the output will be low. But still you can mine them it’s cool.

4)Infrared Detector


Ever wondering remote is working or not, or wanna check infrared light sensors phones are capable of spotting infrared light. Its damn easy, just turn on the camera and point it towards the object(say remote) press any key and keep an eye on the display of phone. You will see a light that’s infrared.

5)Turning Phones into Hologram Projector

Its quite a long guide to post so visit this to read about it.

6) Using phone with a stylus pen:

Ya that mighty pen that comes with Samsung Note Series, it really a piece of cake to make that. Just take a pencil, roll up the pencil with aluminum foil and you are done. You your DIY Stylus pen.

7) Identify songs in an instant:

Ever wondered which song is playing is neighborhood, just download the app Shazam and you are good to find out the song name and details then add it to your playlist if you want

10)Put contact on your lock screen:

If you lost your phone someday and someone found your phone and wanna return it. The contact details on the lock screen will help him/her in contacting you.
How to put message on lock screen?
Go to settings>lock screen>lock screen message

9)Selfie with a button:
In most of the smartphones, clicking selfie is easy through the volume keys. So grab your phone and give it a try.


In Android there is a feature called Smart Lock in this you can set parameters like when you are walking, or you are at home it will keep your device unlocked.

smart lock

In Settings, go to Security >> Trust Agents >> Smart Lock  to enable smart lock and set the parameters.

For more tech tips visit Tech Tips


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